Alternatives can never compensate A Choice.

“I don’t want to do the job anymore” – I said.

“But you can’t make this choice at this point in time. The situation doesn’t allow you” – dad said.

“Then what can I do now”- I enquired.

“Well, either you can continue this job or look for some other but a job is a must for you to do. So what’s your choice? ” – Dad confirmed

“Dad, my choice is not to do a job but these are alternatives against my choice. So these alternatives can’t compensate my choice and will always remain restraints not a choice” -I resigned.

Many a time it might have happened with you also that at some point in time you have to ditch your choice and settle for something less than it. And had this emotion saved at the back of your mind that what I chose was just something I had to chose but was not my choice. And then when you are not contended with what this option has to offer you, many will advise you to still be happy about it. At this point in time questions like ‘well why I have to be happy about it if I am not feeling it’  or ‘why should I feel obliged not to be sad and for the reason that people around me tell me that “it makes us sad if you are sad”.

I mean seriously, now I do have to take care of theirs happiness along with mine even if I am not happy because I was made to do something that I didn’t want to do in the first place. This is seriously unreal. Then if their happiness depends on mine then on whose happiness depends mine? To which they answer – “well, it depends on you”. I mean seriously man? You made me do something that makes me unhappy and then you want me to be happy about it cause it makes you sad watching me being sad cause of a decision that you made me take makes me sad.

What is this conundrum? More I try to comprehend this, more I feel lost. The more I want to talk it out to resolve this, more confusing it gets. Running away from this is not a solution nor is to rage a war, cause there might be situations when you have to confront your very own ones. What is very hard for me to comprehend is that why it is expected out of someone to do certain things that are appropriate according to other. What is this social compulsion that is so irrefutable? Why do I have to worry about what people would think or say when they don’t care about what I have to think or say about any act of theirs? Why so someone has to make decisions depending on what would please someone who is only there to criticise others act and not to appreciate anything good done.

Even if someone understands or takes up this social responsibility to make others happy by their acts still why the acts have to be in accordance with others.


P.S: Pic used in this post is clicked by me.


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